There are different window types that your house might need. Some are big and some are small but the benefits surely include added lighting and ventilation. The windows of your home not only provide you these vital home needs, it can also add to the aesthetic you are aiming your home to look. 



  1. Double Hung  

 Double hung windows are windows that slides up and down vertically. It can be opened on top or it can also be on bottom while still in the frame of the window.  

 The advantage of a double hung window is its ability to circulate air better. If ever you want to let the heat out while aiming to let cooler air in, you can always open your double hung window midway so that the hot air from your home goes outside through the top opening while letting the cooler air get in through the lower opening. This type of window is also a go to choose for people who wants to lean into aesthetics as this window type is simple and elegant at the same time.  


2. Awning Windows 

 Awning windows are windows that open outward unlike the double hung windows that stay in the frame, this type of window does not. This type of window can be built along an operating or stationary window.  

 The advantage to this type of window is its easy access opening and is a very good source for natural air to circulate your home. If you are in a location that experiences rains often, this type of window best fits your home since it can be opened slightly during rainy days allowing the better air circulation in your home.  


3. Picture Window 

 Picture windows is good on adding natural lighting to your home since it is a window that is large and stationary. For someone that wants a better view of the outdoors, this window type specially hits the standard.  

 This type of window may not be opened unlike the double hung and awning windows letting better air circulation in your home however the good thing about this window is how minimal the maintenance is. Since this window type is not opened and stationary, there are no window parts to worry about and very affordable compared to other window types. If you think this type of window is boring, it certainly is not. You can always opt for the window shape you want. Moreover, it is always nicer to enjoy coffee with a view that’s large.  


4. Transom Window 

 If you want window option that gives you the liberty to choose whether the window is stationary or can be opened to let air in, then a transom window is your answer. Transom windows like picture windows bring more natural lighting to your home while giving you the option to opt for a stationary on or a window you can open depending on the budget you have. If ever you are in a budget, you can always opt for a stationary one as it can cost lesser compared to something operable.  

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